Do not wait any longer, and start changing dietary habits to improve your quality of life with our professionals. And now with PREMIUM you get personalized follow-up for six months.

What do we offer you when you take the test?

We offer nutritional recommendations based on the genetic pattern of each individual with the aim of improving the quality of life through personalized recommendations and obtaining a better healthy aging. Through this simple test, we can know your genetic predisposition to suffer from a series of diseases related to aging and maturity, which allows us to design personalized dietary recommendations to help prevent them.

Who we are?

We are a group of biologists and nutritionists specialized in nutrigenetics and located in Navarra, Spain. We have extensive research experience and we have developed this business project thanks to Sodena, which is the financial instrument of the Government of Navarra for the business development.

What do I receive at home when I buy the test?

At home you receive the Sample Collection Kit which includes a buccal swab for sample collection, an envelope, an informed consent form and a brochure with the necessary instructions for you to carry out the whole process.

How is the process once I send the sample?

Our professionals receive the buccal epithelium sample, DNA is extracted, analyzed and a report is sent to you where the genetic variants studied and the different predispositions to suffer the diseases are reflected. In addition, you will receive personalized dietary guidelines associated with genetic results for each person. Finally and included in the price, an N3G professional will contact you to explain the results.

Do you know what diseases you can prevent?

The diseases that we include in our prevention portfolio are stroke, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemias, osteoporosis, age-related macular degeneration, thrombosis, osteoarthritis, gallstones and renal lithiasis. Having one of these diseases, if you are at risk for them, can be prevented or delayed by lifestyle and personalized eating.

Is it useful to take this test even if you are about 60 years old?

Without a doubt. It's never too late to start preventing your possible illnesses through nutrition. Also, if you have started to suffer from any of these illnesses, tell us and the diet will be adapted to your current situation.

Is this test useful to analyze if I am intolerant to any food?

No, the Nutrition 3G test does not serve as a food intolerance analysis. If you are interested in whether you are genetically susceptible to gluten or lactose, visit our  genetic test area for intolerance, or take advantage of our special packages that include these tests together with Nutrition 3G, such as the premium service or N3G+celiac+lactose.

Will I face the test results alone?

Not at all. At MG Nutrition 3G we are committed to ensuring that no customer will be confronted with test results without the advice of a healthcare professional. In our case we offer you free on-line assistance from our professionals, in the form of a session for standard 3G Nutrition, or for six months in the form of a follow-up, for Nutrition 3G PREMIUM.

What is the Premium Service?

With Nutrition 3g PREMIUM we offer you a personalized follow-up service that allows you to analyze your progress thanks to our monthly on-line assistance during six months. At the end of the six months and after completing a comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire, we will review the initial nutritional report with the new advances you have made towards the prevention of possible future illnesses.

Would you like to take our Nutrition 3g genetic test?

It is possible only by ordering our test and using a sample of your saliva.


Diseases such as obesity or type 2 diabetes are the epidemic of the 21st century.


Obesity in Spain is reaching worrying figures, placing us at the top of Europe, with a prevalence of 25%.


Approximately 25,000 fractures each year due to osteoporosis in Spain and it is currently estimated to affect 64% of women.


There are more than 5 million hypertensive people over the age of 65, and it is expected to be 6 million in 2025. Only 75% of those affected know that they suffer from this disease and only half of them receive treatment.


13.8% of the Spanish population suffers from type 2 diabetes, of which 6% are unaware that they suffer from this disease.


In Spain it is the leading cause of death in women and second in men. Every year stroke causes 90 deaths per 100 000 inhabitants.


Thrombosis is the formation of a clot inside a blood vessel and is one of the causes of an acute myocardial infarction. About 60,000 new cases of thrombosis are diagnosed each year in Spain.


More than 50% of the adult Spanish population suffers from high blood cholesterol (total cholesterol ≥200 mg/dl or pharmacological treatment)


The average prevalence of urolithiasis is more than two million total cases and more than 300,000 new cases annually.


Around 700,000 people currently suffer from the disease in Spain and it is the most frequent cause of blindness in developed countries.

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