logo nutrition4g head telecare apple 01Nutrigenetics studies the effect of human genetic variations on the interactions between diet and disease and it is the basis on which the genetic personalized nutrition is based. Nutrition 4g offers precision nutritional recommendations based on the genetic pattern of each individual with the aim of improving quality of life and get a better healthy aging by customized dietary guidelines. Imagine being able to predict what major diseases may affect you in the future by your genetic predisposition, and to help prevent them with adequate food always accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. 

Through this simple test, we can know your genetic predisposition to a number of age-related diseases and maturity, allowing us to design a custom dietary guidelines to help prevent it. Moreover, Nutrition 4g offers a Platform of nutritional telecare focused on Nutrigenetics. The platform is being based on open standards, such as external application programming interfaces (API) that allow using the software to function in other ways than the original programmer intended, without requiring modification of the source code.


Professionals of N4G are working on integrating different platforms on the nutritional telecare, such as:




Meanwhile, standard on line platforms of video streaming are available for Nutrition 4g, such as:

alternativas clasicas


Nutrition 4g is being developed for working on:




Platform of nutritional telecare is focused on securing an on line support for the customers. The connection is being developed to be secure, certified and encrypted.



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